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"What if your cellphones, portable game consoles, iPod and other electronics in your pockets and bags can become cute little creatures, accompanying you side by side?"

Why, that's what the ProjectHandyMonsters is all about! It was a project started at Pixiv by inopoke, before it then turn into a great success (heard there are more than 2000 of them as of now). As someone looking to grow in arts, as I have Pixiv account, I think I should join them too, improving my art ability and speed....
Here's about the project... in Japanese.
"Wonders of magic is limitless, and I am to spread it and
protect them... for our Coven...."

Esper エスパー (from ESP) is my second HandyMonster based on my blue Nintendo 3DS XL. I got her when I was out in sickness but alas, I can't change the physical region setting and can only play US-based games (but at least Pokemon allow me to choose Japanese language). She is a mystic cat with Psychic Powers, having that head jewel (apparently, actually a camera) and hidden magic pattern in her ears. Asteria and she are like sisters, both revolving around magic themes.
She will usually depend on WiFi connection (just so I can fling O-Powers and lurk aimlessly in GTS in Pokemon X) and demand a lot of my time I should use to draw and study instead (ugh, procrastination (;≧△≦) ). In battle, however, she's a competent sidekick with enemy analysis, good supports, and many swift attacks such as magic laser shots.

She's a little more vain and confident, as well as more playful (naturally, as a gaming device), and hates to lose. She likes fish such as canned mackarel (I know I have to stop eating these...). She also likes to play like stereotypical kittens, such as playing with yarn balls. Acting like big sis to Asteria, she can sometimes feel irritated by her timidity and start snarking. Try to bully Asteria though, and well....

Actually, remember that cats are snarkers.

I admit I seemed to name her after my fondness to Psychic-type
Pokemon, while the design is strangely similar to my Royal Pet OC and my own fursona, Lupus. Not over yet, though. Expect more mission to make her RefSheet. There's some highlights I need to cover, such as her star necklace and collar, the blue power LED, the circle pattern in her ears, and tails. Not until I finished everything I shall make complete HanMon entry of her at Pixiv, although hope I need not modify this further. And to Tvtrope her more too.

Now comes with tropes to describe her better.
:bulletblue: Cat Tropes
  :bulletblue: All Witches have Cats / Cats are Magic: A mystic cat Hanmon belonging as familiar pet to a Magician-based NetNavi.
  :bulletblue: Cats are Mean: Not usually, but she has her moments.
:bulletblue: Cats are Snarkers: Quite a snarker, and she's proud of it.
Cute Kitten: Isn't she? Don't underestimate her for this though, or....
:bulletblue: Multiple Tailed Beast: Is she made after nekomata? Even her fave is Espeon.
:bulletblue: Combat Tropes
  :bulletblue: Black MageSquishy Hanmon: Glass Cannon, with laser, Ice, and Lightning as well. Moves include Eraser Stream.
Psychic Powers: Psionic power is her motif.
    :bulletblue: Clairvoyance: ESP. Her sensory ability is valued highly by Caster. Applied to enemy sensors, Enemy Scan, reflex, and so on.
:bulletblue: Flash Step: Her means of evasion. She's yet to fully develop teleportation though.
Mind Over Matter: Psychokinesis. This is also how she herself flies mostly.
Ninja Log: Later version enables AntiDmg like Caster, with ice shards.
:bulletblue: Badass Adorable: A Cute Kitten... that can defeat dangerous viruses and criminal NetNavis while still looking adorable.
Big Sister Instinct: Very close to Asa-chan. Try to bully her, and see if one likes beam spams.
:bulletblue: Determinator: When she focuses on one thing, she will refuse to lose.
:bulletpurple: Expy: Mashup of well... Espeon, Meowstic, and Dragon Nest's Sorceress?
:bulletblue: Facepaw: Many times.
Foil: To Asteria. Strangely, she's not dark-elemented.
:bulletblue: Genre Savvy: She knows how to apply her knowledge quicker than Asteria.
:bulletblue: Meaningful Name: ESP, thus her Psychic Powers and excellent sensory abillity. Actually came up from Pokemon's Esper-type.
:bulletblue: Japanese Pronoun: refers herself with atashi あたし. Uses anata secondary pronoun. Or ruder anta when she feels like snarking,
  :bulletblue: Japanese Honorifics: Referred with -chan or -nyan. Prefers using -chan and -kun to others.
Only Sane Mon: among all my other (planned) Hanmon + Asteria. More rational, she's not going to inflict diabetes, despite her cuteness.
Purple Eyes: shared inside the Coven, apparently.
:bulletblue: Ridiculously Cute Critter
:bulletblue: Cute Critters Act Childlike: Standard to cute female Hanmon, she has her kitty moments. Even after lampshading it herself.
:bulletblue: Trademark Favorite Food: fishes like tuna. Also a little of Sweet Tooth.
:bulletblue: Tsundere: Eh....
:bulletblue: Vain Sorceress: Downplayed, but it's there.
:bulletblue: Verbal Tic: ~nya. Apparently invoked for cuteness value. Dropped out when things get serious.

I need to learn how to draw eye even better.
And this took 8 days. I can't believe that I had 1.5 months not making her entry either. Still ashamed by my lack of drawing skill.
Coming back after not drawing in a long hiatus is difficult....

Project HandyMonsters © inopoke
Esper, design and art by me
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Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016
She looks pretty good! I recently made fan art of her. I'll upload it shortly.
Mr-Pink-Rose Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015
One thing's for sure: It would be the cutest and cuddliest cellphone EVER!
CaninePrince Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015   Digital Artist
Anoo... she's a Nintendo 3DSLL.
LadyTau Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like it.
Kurosantchi Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
She's just the cutest little kitty ever :3
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This is really amazing!
gato303co Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
It looks very cute, nice desing ^__^
tbolt Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Heh, the adorable little demon wants to monopolize all your time! =^^=
animegirl164 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SO cute
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